Introduction to Nanotechnology

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This book gives an overview of the basic concepts of nanotechnology and discusses how nanotechnology is affecting our daily lives. It covers the development of nanotechnology down the ages, and then goes on to explain the basics of nanostructures and nano characterization. The book then rounds off the discussion by giving the application of nanotechnology in various sectors such as sports, textiles, medicine and automobiles.


ISBN: 93-80387-00-8


The book comprises of two modules Fundamentals of
Nanotechnology and Nanotechnology in various sectors

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology

Fundamentals of Nanotechnology has five following units:

  • Unit 1 explains Nanotechnology in pre-18 , 19 , 20 and pre-21 centuries.
  • Unit 2 demonstrates about the Nano and Nanometer.
  • Unit 3 defines nanoscience & nanotechnology in  detail. It explains their components.
  • Unit 4 presents the scenario of nanotechnology in modern era.
  • Unit 5 ensures the possible applications of nanotechnology in important fields.

Nanotechnology in Various Sectors

Nanotechnology in Various Sectors has ten units. This module explains the possible applications of nanotechnology in following different sectors in detail.

  • Unit 1 Nanotechnology in Agriculture/Food.
  • Unit 2 Nanotechnology in Electronics.
  • Unit 3 Nanotechnology in Textile.
  • Unit 4 Nanotechnology in Construction.
  • Unit 5 Nanotechnology in Energy.
  • Unit 6 Additional Applications of       Nanotechnology in Medicine &   Pharmaceuticals.
  • Unit 7 Nanotechnology in Automobiles.
  • Unit 8 Nanotechnology in Environment.
  • Unit 9 Nanotechnology in Sports.
  • Unit 10 Nanotechnology in Chemicals and Paints.