Methods and Tools for Measuring Bio-Nano Properties


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Medical research is now focusing increasingly on the micro and nanoscale. Concepts such as lab-on-a-chip (microarrays) are now being used the world over to facilitate ultra-sophisticated tests while taking a negligible amount of biological material from the patient. Nanostructures such as quantum dots and dendrimers have started finding extensive applications in curing cancer, and the silver nanoparticle is considered a prime candidate for fighting viruses such as AIDS. These applications are result of amazing properties of the nanostructures which are analyzed and determined by various tools and methods. In medical science properties, of materials play a significant and important role in the development of various medical procedures and systems. Medical science can be revolutionized only by enhancing properties at the nanoscale, therefore Bio-Nano properties come in to play. These properties can be addressed and analyzed by various structural resources, electron microscopy resources and spectroscopy resources. These resources are explained thoroughly in this book


This book explains various X-ray techniques for structural determination in detail. Electron microscopy has excellent ability for measuring the properties at the molecular level, thus this book describes important microscopy basics concepts and methods thoroughly. Various spectroscopy methods have been discussed thoroughly in this book.


This book comprises these chapters:

      • Chapter 1 describes the structure resources in detail. Structural determination can be done by various X-Ray techniques that have been discussed in this chapter.
      • Chapter 2 describes the important microscopy resources. The need for electron microscopy has been explained here. Various techniques such as Transmission Electron Microscopy, Low Voltage Electron Microscope, ESEM, Atomic Force Microscope, and Scanning Tunneling Microscope are explained thoroughly. How these resources measure bio-nano properties have explained in this chapter.
      • Chapter 3 describes various spectroscopy resources. It explains clearly the basic scientific concepts behind spectroscopy. Common types of spectroscopy such as FTIR, Ultraviolet-Visible Spectrophotometer, Infrared Spectroscopy, Raman Spectroscopy, NMR Spectroscopy and more are explained with their ability to measure bio-nano properties.