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Steps for Testing Journals Authenticity

Dear Sir/ Madam,

We are thrilled to recieve a fabulous responce to our previous mailer regarding " Awareness about Journals Subscription Standards ".

We are now encouraged to share a much detailed insight about how Institutions/ Colleges/ Universities can Safeguard themself from the nefarious and fake players in market, providing Journals and Subscriptions.

( All the examples shared in the mailer are true and has been fully researched by our expert team members.)




  1. Always ask for ISSN NO. of Journal, when subscribing the Print/ Online issue, this will help you in establishing the Journal Publisher, Year of Publication start, Location of Publisher etc.


      2. Go to the website of ISSN ( For Indian Journals, even for those having International titles, but                      published from India)

Submit ISSN No. and Click Search, if no result is found i.e Journal has not been issued an ISSN from India.


           3. For International Journals Search following URL ( For all those Journals who's Publisher id not                     from India, or the Journals is Published out of India )

            4. Match the ISSN No. with the name of Journal and Publisher as mentioned by the Agent/ Supplier


           5. Search Journal's Name / ISSN No. on Google search Engine and see if their is any Publisher                         website exist, as some fake players are also selling Journals through websites of Publishers which                are defunct or Closed .

          6. Journals are created by fake players and Supplied as Publishers Journals by either Slightly                           modifying their names and also giving wrong ISSN No., always get the Publisher information for                 each Journal and take the authorized supplier / Agent letter from the suppliers , this letter is                           provided by Publishers to their Suppliers.

        7. Always mention name of Publisher in your Purchase order against each Journal and also verify that             with Publisher that the Agent/ Supplier has passed the Orders to Publisher, as fake players are                        printing fake Journal Copies and supplying them to Institute/ Universities , thus making Educational             bodies   liable.

       8. Some fake players are supplying international print Journals published from out of India , without                 importing them though Customs Channel, as these players print Journals using Online Pdf, which is             against rules, as all International Journals Published out of India has to be imported through                           Customs only else Customs/ GST / The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology                 authorities can make your institution also Liable for penal action. ( Get Proof of Import/ Import                   Export License of suppliers)


We are thankful to all our sincere Agents / Suppliers across India, Our Effort is to weed Out all the fake and unscrupulous players from market.
If you have not checked these online then you many be buying rejected papers , having no value or worth and still paying them. Also check that some open access Journals are been sold as print, which you need not buy as your students can eaisly download these papers free of cost from publishers website.






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