Nanoscience Concepts and Fundamentals: A Student’s Textbook Paperback – 2019


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  • This book is an inspiring work for undergraduate and postgraduate students of different colleges and universities for a grass root level understanding of the subject “Nano Science and Technology”.
  • Students after reading this book can develop an introductory idea about the concept of “Nano” which will make them interested in further studies.
  • They will learn the basic features of nanomaterials as well as their basic characterization techniques and different fascinating applications that materials in Nano dimensions can have with the corresponding science behind them.




  1.  Introductory Ideas of the Nano World
  2.  Basic Science behind Nanotechnology
  3.  Properties of Nano materials
  4.  Synthesis of Nano materials Chapter
  5.  Some Specific Nano systems Chapter
  6. Characterization of Nano systems Chapter
  7. Application of Nanotechnology Chapter
  8. Nanotechnology for Commercialization


  1. Dr. Diptonil Banerjee: He is currently working as an assistant professor in Dr. M.N. Dastur School of Materials Science  Engineering;Indian Institute of Engineering Science and technology since 2016.He did his PhD from Jadavpur University in Materials Science and Nanotechnology  in the year 2012 followed by short research associateship with the same laboratory.Presently Dr.Banerjee is mainly working on carbon-based nanotechnology and related applications.He has also started working on the some oxide-based nanostructures as well.The applications he is mainly working on include optical, electrical,electronics,energy and environment issues.In his 10 years of research (including the PhD tenure)Dr Banerjee has published almost 60 papers in different international journals of repute.He is the Joint Inventor of a new form of carbon  nano-structures called amphorphus carbon nanostructure(carbon nanotubes or graphene) which is cost effective and thus industry friendly.He is entrusted by the Department of Science and Technology(Government of India) as well as companies like Tata Steel with few Projects of considerable budget . He has delivered many talks in the different national & International Conferences.Also he has currently he is having h index 14 and i10 index 21 with cumulative citation of around 500. He has guided and is still guiding many post graduate M-tech students.He is also guiding a good number of PhD students as well.                                                                                                                                                                                     
  2.  Dr.Nirmalya Sankar Das: He is presently working as assistant professor of Department of Physics in Techno India-Batanagar ,Kolkata,India.He is also the teacher-in-charge of the department .He has been a very enthusiastic academician from his very childhood. His academic career started from Ramakrishna Mission Vidhyamandir,a premier institute of the counrty.A major part of his career has been shaped at Jadavpur  University, Kolkata. He pursued his graduation with Physics honours from this esteemed institute.After completing his Masters in Physics from the same university he joined Ph.D. in the Nanoscience  and Technology under the supervision of Prof.Kalyan kumar Chattopadhya. In his Ph.D. tenure he has mostly done work on different oxide and sulphide thin films like pure and doped NiO,ZnO,CdS films synthesized by the RF magnetron  sputtering technique.Also he has extensively studied the optical and electrical properties  of the those thin films.He s also very familiar with the chemical synthesis of various semiconducting Materials like ZnO nanostructures and especially Si nanowires. He has synthesized Si nanowires using easy chemical methods and optimised their length and other nanostructure aspects.He has also studied in detail,the electron field emission properties of the pure Si nanostructure and studied  the effects of various coatings  over them. He is also an expert in simulation-based techniques like spectroscopics ellipsometric studies of the thin films.Derivation of the refractive indices and other optical parameters of the corresponding materials have been performed by him during his PhD tenure.


    • This book presents the concept of the newly budding topic”Nano” in very simple way to the beginner which will help them in developing an interest in the subject and pursue further studies.
    • This book not only highlights the technological aspect of the subject but also explains the basic science behind all observed phenomena.
    • This boom describe a different synthesis approach for materials in the nano scale as well as characterization techniques and modern application of nano materials.
    • Not only undergraduate and post graduates but scholars at the beginning of the research career may also benefits from this book.
    • different types of questions set at the end of each chapter will help the readers to check their understanding regarding any particular topic.