Power DC-DC Converters and Performance Analysis of Boost Step-Up Converter for Essential Applications



ISBN : 978-93-87376-85-4

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This book discusses the modeling with MATLAB/Simulink and detail computing techniques. In addition to these, the book assumes that the reader needs background
knowledge of the basic engineering sciences of power converters, power system and related power electronics. This book has been written for the electrical engineering
students, and it will be helpful for weak students who are willing to go into various research works. Not only that, this book will be helpful for those who want to use
MATLAB simulating techniques, and the reader will also learn and know the simulation in a very simple way.


Mr. Shetu Roy completed his graduate programme in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He did his post-graduation in Electrical and Electronic Engineering with power electronics and control system as his major. Presently, he is working as a researcher on automatic coordination, coordinated control system and electrical safety technology.


  • This book retains the essential aim of the new principles of operation of the power converters with newly observed control techniques.
  • Applications of different control systems using MATLAB/Simulink and implementation
    of simple computing based converter systems.
  • Selection of better controlling mechanisms for the future of control engineering operation
  • Opportunities to apply newly learned methods of the converters for power electronics system.

ISBN : 978-93-87376-85-4