Bio nanomaterials Concepts & Fundamentals

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An increasing amount of attention is being paid to the development and manipulation of biomaterial at the nano level because that is the way nature works. Nature uses minuscule building blocks such as DNA to build huge structures such as the human body. Hence, medical research is now tending toward the view that to correct seemingly incurable defects, a thorough understanding of Bionanostructures such as DNA is imperative. The study and manipulation of structures at the nanoscale and their use in medical applications are known as Bionanotechnology.

Currently, there is increasing interest in the exploitation of principles underlying the formation of natural biomolecules: polypeptides, proteins and nucleic acids for the design and synthesis of polymeric molecules of predetermined structure and properties, called nanostructures and their use in the construction of novel nanodevices for a variety of applications in medicine and technology. The fast-growing research in this area merges into a new discipline named bionanotechnology.


ISBN: 93-80387-06-7


This book describes bionanomaterial in detail. It provides the classifications of bionanomaterial and discusses the characterization and properties of nanostructures biomaterials. It explains thoroughly the applications of bionanomaterials and functional bionanomaterial. Finally, nanocomposites biomaterials are discussed in detail.


The book comprises of five chapters:

  • Chapter 1 explains the classifications of bionanomaterials and benefits in detail.
  • Chapter 2 describes the characterization & properties of nanostructured materials. It explains the structural characterization and chemical characterization in details. It also describes the characterization of nanobiosensors.
  • Chapter 3 explains the biomedical applications of various bionanomaterials and nanostructures in detail. It describes the about applications of nano biodevices, nanopore technology and nano self assembling systems.
  • Chapter 4 presents the functional bionanomaterial. It explains Aptamer based nanobiosensors, nanorobots and functional DNA based sensors. This chapter also states about the nanochopper.
  • Chapter 5 presents the nanocomposite biomaterials in details. It explains properties of nanocomposites biomaterial and their types. It also explains thoroughly bionanocomposites and nanoclusters.