Fundamentals of Environment, Health and Safety

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Natural Environment is full of beauty and hazards. The
nature plays the role of the scavenger to nullify the impacts of the pollution thus generated. However, ever-increasing industrialization has been contributing pollution much beyond the assimilative capacity of nature resulting in the degradation of the environment. Evidently, industry and environment are complementary to each other. The industries are required to grow to satisfy the need of society but at the same time, they need to do all this in an environmentally acceptable manner.


ISBN: 93-80387-10-5


This book gives an overview of the environment, health and safety aspects. Hazardous materials safety measures have been discussed thoroughly. What steps should be taken for betterment of community health and safety has explained. Impact of Environment and Health has been described thoroughly in this book.


This Book comprises of these chapters:

  • Chapter 1 describes about the environment health and safety aspects as factors affecting environment, procedures to improve the environment control system, tools (metrics) for measuring environmental performance, occupational health risks, hazardous materials, chemical properties and characteristic ,poisons and chemical compatibility in detail.
  • Chapter 2 explains various hazardous materials safety measures as safe storage methods, housekeeping and hazard control methods, safe handling practices, Contingency plans and more. It presents review of hazardous materials properties and describes about how to responding to spills. Various steps to handle wastes and provide ambient air quality are explained thoroughly.
  • Chapter 3 ensures about the better water quality and enough water availability with WHO guidelines. The important issues for structural safety of project infratructure have discussed. For new buildings design and construction fire safety objectives as life and fire safety (L&FS) applicability and approach, fire prevention, means of egress, detection and alarm systems, Compartmentation, Fire Suppression and Control, Emergency Response Plan, Operation and Maintenance, L&FS Master Plan Review and Approval have been explained thoroughly. Traffic Safety, Management Actions, Preventive Measures, Disease Prevention & Communicable Diseases, Other Hazards topics have discussed in detail.
  • Chapter 4 explains important topics as need for environmental and health impact, significance of environmental and health impact assessment, types of environmental and health hazards, environmental and health hazards identification, safety measures in factories, safety of building and machinery in detail. The author attempts to make the study of the subject simple, relevant and interesting by presenting both basic concepts and advanced research findings in a lucid, practical manner.