Green Card: Chasing the American Dream

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Green Card: Chasing the American Dream, is based on experiences of people pursuing the big American dream. Though set during the time of the Y2K, the story is very relevant in today’s time when the demand for the American visa has multiplied manifold. This is a story to which the current generation can relate and decide on their priorities and dreams to be followed. This book is about the story of Aseem. For the longest part of his life, Aseem kept chasing a dream – a dream he thought was his destiny, his aspiration, his life. While doing so, he forgot something very important – everything happens in due time. And time takes time. This book makes you realize that have you ever wanted something so much that nothing else around you mattered anymore? Have you ever wanted to be somewhere, be someone, to be with a person, or have something that gives you a sense of purpose – the feeling that you are still alive and kicking in the race of life?

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P. Siddharth, an Engineer by profession, presents an interesting perspective on the well-known issue of immigration in the United States of America. Having lived in India and North America, the author has faced the H1B visa conundrum and the struggle for a Green Card. Experiences shared by friends, family, and others in the same situation have led to the writing of this book.

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Book Features

  • A fiction book, with a dash of American dream reality. A must read book for all GREEN CARD dream seekers.

  • A fictitious story on immigration, yet so relevant for the current generation that one can see through the author’s eye and decide which dreams to follow.

  • A story that creates a roller coaster sensation in your gut and compels you to think beyond career.

  • It shows the reality that now the Indian Scene is equally big and glamorous as the American Dream.

  • A cute story of young hearts who remain engaged in melancholy of life yet attached to each other and their dreams.

  • Book which shows the camaraderie of life between the aspirations, moral values, ethics, greed and cultural differences.