Health and Environment Regulations and Standards


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Many of the industrially developed countries of the world have seen injury and illness rates decline over the last 50 years. However, these rates have generally reached a plateau over the last decade. This fact, coupled with the realisation of the role of management and organizational (latent) failures in accident causation, has to lead to new approaches in managing health and safety, most notably the use of a systems approach. The importance of managing health and safety has been highlighted in recent official reports of major accidents and has received increasing emphasis on OH&S legislation.


This book describes in detail about the environment & health
ISO standards. It focuses on monitoring human health and
environmental safety and child health & safety.


This book comprises these chapters:

      • Chapter 1 demonstrates ISO standards and private standards related to social and environmental aspects. BS OHSAS 18001 is a standard that specifies how an occupational safety and health management system should be designed is being described in this chapter. Key elements of an OH&S management system and practical aspects of the OH&S management system have been explained thoroughly.
      • Chapter 2 ensures the monitoring of human health and environment safety. It describes the methodology, recent international controversies and study initiative. It provides steps for the promotion of safety measures with food to secure public health. Current use, research and impending development of foods produced through modern biotechnology are explained in detail. It identifies the risk of GMOS and GM foods to human health and the environment. Monitoring of human health and environmental safety, health indicators and data sources have been discussed in this chapter.
      • Chapter 3 presents child health and safety. It explains the use of performance and quality measurement, capitalizing on available data and data collection tools. In this chapter instructions for child care and about child health and safety have been discussed. It also gives an overview of children’s policies for health and safety ethical, legal, and social issues related to child health and safety, legal compliances involving children in detail.