Scientific and Technical Writing Practice & Applications

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This book presents the various practical exercises and applications in Scientific and Technical Writing domain. It practices the scientific research paper, Manuals, Reports, Proposals, Business Plans, and Press Releases. Through this book, the reader can learn how to write official, casual letters and meeting documents. Researchers can learn how to write good thesis. It also explains software requirements specifications and electronic documents. It practices on document design aspects and instructional design. It makes aware of selected relevant bodies, global conventions and norms concerning scientific technical writing & publishing, referencing. It also makes awareness in the reader with ethical norms, rights, and permission.


This book comprises of thirteen chapters:

      • Chapter 1 practices on scientific research papers. It gives an overview of scientific research paper. It explains the step by step process to publish a scientific paper. What should be sections of a scientific paper have been discussed in this chapter.
      • Chapter 2 gives an overview of the instruction manual and user manual in detail.
      • Chapter 3 defines the reports and explains their characteristics in detail. It gives overview of major categories of reports.
      • Chapter 4 explains how to write proposals, business plans, and press releases thoroughly.
      • Chapter 5 explains about meeting documents. It includes how to write a minute and creative an effective agenda.
      • Chapter 6 describes various kinds of letters in detail.
      • Chapter 7 describes the thesis thoroughly. What should be steps to prepare god thesis have been discussed.
      • Chapter 8 gives an overview of the software requirements specification.
      • Chapter 9 explains electronics documents as E-mail in detail. It also explains about online help and websites thoroughly.
      • Chapter 10 presents document design aspects in detail.
      • Chapter 11 focuses on instructional design and about their models in detail.
      • Chapter 12 brings awareness in the reader about relevant bodies of scientific-technical writing, global conventions and norms concerning scientific technical writing and publishing, referencing.
      • Chapter 13 explains about ethical norms, rights, and permissions of authors in detail.