Carbon Nanotubes Technology and Applications

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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are extraordinary molecules due to the simplicity of their structure. Bulk, as well as part by part modification, such as tips, outer or inner walls of CNTs is possible. This helps scientists to achieve the desired properties of the end products.

This text is written especially for those who have had no instruction or limited instruction in CNTs. In this book, we give an idea of technology relating to CNTs as well as R&D taking place all over the world. Several projects that have been sanctioned in India, a comprehensive list of companies and more than 100 patents relating to CNTs have been given.

ISBN: 81-907450-4-2


Dr. Rakesh Kumar is a Master of Science and Master of Technology (Biochemical Engineering) from IIT, Roorkee, and Institute of Technology, Varanasi, respectively, and a Ph.D from IIT, Delhi, India. He worked as postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Chemistry, Wuhan University, China & is presently working as a Researcher in MSM, CSIR, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. His area of research is biodegradable plastics and composites.


The book comprises five chapters:

  • Chapter 1 is an introductory account that discusses the basics constituent materials responsible for invention of carbon Nanotubes.
  • Chapter 2 presents technology behind the carbon Nanotubes and their various industrial applications. It explains in details the types of carbon Nanotubes, various properties of carbon nanotubes and industrial applications. This chapter presents the synthesis / production and characterization of carbon Nanotubes In general it discusses CNT technology development in India and World.
  • Chapter 3 presents numbers of patents granted in the different area of CNTs in the last 10 years and also explains about the scientific literatures. It also provides the list of patents.
  • Chapter 4 deals with the support for CNT research and challenges by worldwide Governments and also Indian Government. It also discusses the environmental, health and safety issues relating to CNTs.
  • Chapter 5 provides the valuable information about the industries involved in the production of CNTs worldwide.