Nano Materials (Concepts & Fundamentals)

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This book presents an introduction to Nanomaterials. Dimensional classification of Nanomaterials and their various properties have also been presented and discussed. Nanomaterials have various applications in molecular electronics, photonic crystals, hydrogen storage, and in biology that have demonstrated in this book and also health hazards of Nanomaterials with their proper solutions have discussed in detail.


ISBN: 93-80387-02-4


The book consists of the following chapters.

  • Chapter 1 explains the basics concepts of Nanomaterials historically and technically. This chapter explains the magical effects of Nanomaterials in nature and teaches to scientist how they can apply these effects in their products. It also connects reader to the brilliant applications of Nanomaterials.
  • Chapter 2 provides the different kinds of dimensional classifications of Nanomaterials and their nature of origin.
  • Chapter 3 describes physics behind Nanomaterials and their various properties in detail.
  • Chapter 4 explains the diverge range of applications of Nanomaterials in molecular electronics, optics, communications, biotechnology, cosmetics, and paints , storage materials for new generation of fuels , food additives, novel materials, catalysts and many others in detail.
  • Chapter 5 aware the reader about the health hazard effects of Nanomaterials and provides the better solutions for minimizing theses effects.