Bio Nano Concepts & Fundamentals


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Medical research is now focusing increasingly on the micro and nanoscale. Concepts such as lab-on-a-chip (microarrays) are now being used the world over to facilitate ultra-sophisticated tests while taking a negligible amount of biological material from the patient. Nanostructures such as quantum dots and dendrimers have started finding extensive applications in curing cancer, and the silver nanoparticle is considered a prime candidate for fighting viruses such as AIDS. Each of these advances has needed manipulation at the nanoscale. An increasing amount of attention is being paid to development and manipulation of biomaterial at the nano-level because that is the way nature works. Nature uses minuscule building blocks such as DNA to build huge structures such as the human body. Hence, medical research is now tending toward the view that to correct seemingly incurable defects, a thorough understanding of Bionanostructures such as DNA is imperative. The study and manipulation of structures at the nanoscale and their use in medical applications are known as  Bionanotechnology.


The book comprises four chapters.

  • Chapter 1 presents overview of bionanotechnology. It describes origin of bionanotechnology and the importance of nanosize in drug delivery. This chapter explains opportunities, challenges of bionanotechnology and an insight into nanotoxicology.
  • Chapter 2 describes the physics of bionanotechnology in details. Physics is the science which gave birth to nanoscience and nanotechnology, therefore this becomes important to understand the basic phenomenon of physics. This chapter explains laws of classical thermodynamics and inter & intra molecular forces which generate nanoscaled effects. It also describes the physics of solid state and basics concepts of quantum theories. Biological conversion of energy is also explained.
  • Chapter 3 presents the self assembled nanostructures and explain in detail the self  assembly enables nanotechnology. It describes the self assembled DNA nanostructures, nanowire biosensors, self assembled Nanotubes and more.
  • Chapter 4 describes the nature inspired bionanotechnology. It explains the magical effects at nanoscaled generated by the nature. It also explains protein folding , molecular biology, and animal health nanotechnology.