Nanotechnology Potential & Products


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Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on an atomic and molecular scale. Generally, nanotechnology deals with developing materials, devices, or other structures possessing at least one dimension sized from 1 to 100 nanometers. Nanotechnology also refers to the study of processes on the nanoscale in the laboratory which facilitates the manufacture of products. Nanotechnology has tremendous potential in every field of science, engineering, and technology. Existing products have been getting marvelous improvements with the applications of nanotechnology.


ISBN: 93-80387-04-0


This book covers the importance of nanoscale in research & development by presenting various examples. Various products manufactured by various companies using nanotechnology worldwide have been presented in this book.

This collection gives information on the role of research in
developing nano products. After tracing the life-cycle of product development, it then discusses the role of the government in furthering Nanotechnology within the country. The developments around the world and especially in India are discussed in detail, with the chronology of major conferences over the recent past being traced.

Major Areas

This book comprises of three major areas as Research & Development in Nanotechnology, Indian Nanotechnology Perspective, and Global Nanotechnology Perspective.

      • Research & Development in Nanotechnology explains the potential of nanotechnology in the scientific domain. It also explains How in the laboratory, research at the nanoscale leads to the better development of products. Different products produced by various companies worldwide using nanotech has been discussed with their applications in detail.
      • Indian Nanotechnology Perspective  describes the role of government and various industries in promoting nanotechnology in India. It provides an overview of miscellaneous activities such as formation of Nano Parks, Export of Nano based products to India, Joint Ventures and Collaborations and more. It also provides a description of major nanotechnology conferences held in India.  Information on Major Universities /institutes which have been providing bachelors, masters’ degree programs and research activities in Nanotechnology are being discussed here. It also provides  information on various research centers and companies have been working at the nanoscale.
      • Global Nanotechnology Perspective describes the scenario of nanotechnology all over the world. It provides information on government and industry’s support to nanotech in major countries of six continents in the world thoroughly.