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This book tries to teach the subject of cardiac care in a very simplifed manner to make the beginners easily understand the basics. Through this book, we like to stress upon the importance of having a thorough knowledge of the basic concepts. At the end of each chapter, we have given some small exercises to help the readers recapitulate what they have just read. The objective of this book is to increase the awareness of the importance of the cardiovascular assessment techniques and gain thorough knowledge in the areas of assessment and patient care, in order to provide better care for all the patients; especially those suffering from cardiovascular conditions. The book aims to improve the skill level of assessment techniques of the cardiovascular system, by increasing the knowledge base of the nurse, through assessment, reporting of abnormal endings, the emergency procedures and documentation of all results, whether normal or abnormal.


Dr. Madhusudhan: He is a junior consultant cardiothoracic surgeon working at Sagar Hospitals DSI, Bangalore. After graduating, he has completed his post graduation degree in general surgery. He was working as an Assistant Professor in General and Laparoscopic Surgery. Later, he underwent residency training program in cardiothoracic-surgery at the prestigious Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences, Bangalore.


  • The book is designed keeping in mind the needs of nursing students, practicing nurses and the general public.
  • The book presents a basic idea of relevant anatomy and physiology that is needed as a background by nurses for performing a proper assessment.
  • The book helps in identifying some common problems seen in the cardiac wards and ICU.
  • At the end of each chapter, some small exercises are given to help the readers recapitulate what they have just read.